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Land for Sale 10 kms from Ooty, The Nilgiris:

About 10 kms from Ooty.

1 Acre – 45 Lakhs.

1/2 Acre – 30 Lakhs.

Rs 85,000 per cent.

Total Area: Plots can be bought as 1 Acre, 1/2 Acre and Minimum 20 cents and Above

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About Kotagiri
Situated approximately about 1985 meters in the lush green hills of The Nilgiris, the spectacular hill station literally means the lines of the house of the kotas. These tribes who are traditional artisans who are experts in the art of pottery and terracotta baking still inhabit in the slopes of The Nilgiris. Recognized as one of the oldest hill station in The Nilgiris is situated about 16 kms from Ooty and about 24 kms from Coonoor. This spectacular Hill station enjoys a pleasant climate all through the year as the Dodabetta range protects it from the south – west monsoons. Surrounded by the beautiful tea estates and the thick impenetrable shola forests Kotagiri is the perfect holiday destination and perfect place to nature lovers.

Culture in Kotagiri
The people residing here are mostly Badagas along with the traditional tribes the Kotas and also immigrants of other parts of Tamilnadu and Kerala. The chief language spoken is Badaga and Tamil. Locals here are very friendly and interact with anyone who visit Kotagiri.

Accessibility to Kotagiri
Kotagiri is accessible both by rail and road, it is well linked by with the other important places of Tamilnadu through road. Regular bus services connect this hill resort fom Ooty, Mettupalayam and Coonoor.

Kotagiri can be reached by air until Coimbatore most flights are available till Coimbatore and from Coimbatore it takes about 100 kms and a 3 hour ride either by bus or a taxi.

Local transportation includes Mini buses, taxis, auto rickshaws.

Places to visit in Kotagiri
The Spectacular Hill Resort has several breathtaking places to visit, the tourist attraction includes the Catherine falls, the Kodanad view point, Elk Falls, The echoing Valley of Kookal, the Long Wood Sholas which is a paradise to animals like Bison, wild boars, deer’s and even elephants and variety of birds. The Golf course and the Blemishing Green Tea estates are the most pleasing sights to be seen in Kotagiri.

Catherine Falls
This unique double cascade which owes the beauty of the nature environs is a breathtaking tourist attractions in the hill resort. This impressive water falls, falls from an impressive 250 feet. This vantage point allows to appreciate the awesome power of mother nature has contained below the landscape below the cascade.

Elk Hill Falls
On the way to this falls stands the historic symbol of the first house of the Europeans, this falls is also one of the spectacular places to be seen in Kotagiri. This falls is situated about 7 kms from the town.

Rangaswamy Pillar and Rock
This awesome Pillar and rock still stands as a night mare to rock climbers, standing about 400 meters tall lies about 20 kms from Kotagiri.

The Long Wood Sholas
Situated about 3 kms away from the town, these shoals are maintained as one of the great wildlife reserves in The Nilgiris, perfectly peaceful and the untouched forest traits are the home to variety of birds and animals like elephants, bison, wild boars, and also tigers and leopards.

Schools and Colleges around Kotagiri

Kotagiri Public School
Pandiyaraj Memorial School
St Jude’s Public School
Riverside Public School
NPA Polytechnic
Govt Teachers Training Institute


Ketti Land Sold Out

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Ketti, Ooty Plots for Sale. Buy Plots in Ooty

Location :
Near CSI College of Engineering.Ketti, Ooty, The Nigiris. India ( 1 km Ketti Highway Road)
Right place to build individual Bungalows, Cottages and Houses, known for the coolest
weather around Ooty, The Nilgiris

Property Type: Plot

Availablility: SOLD
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About Ketti, Ooty

Ketti is a small town nestled in a large valley of the same name. It is located in the The Nilgiris District of Tamil Nadu State, Southern India and is a Revenue Village of Coonoor Taluk. Upper Ketti is another village called Yellanahalli, and is located on the main Coonoor to Ooty road.

This is the location of Needle Industries India the manufacturers of the internationally branded ‘Pony Needles’.

The Ketti Valley is sometimes referred to as the ‘Switzerland of Southern India’ due to the year-round climatic conditions which do not fall into any extremes, during summer and winter

The town itself is not much more than a village. It has a rough estimated population of a few thousand. the people here are extremely friendly and welcoming, like elsewhere in the rural areas of the Nilgiris.

Most of the people living here are manual labourers. Agriculture, rearing livestock, masonry constitute the majority of the work done by the individuals in this place. In addition to this, they also take up jobs in the surrounding industrial establishments, such as the Needle Industries, the mushroom factory, Ambica tea factory, Mini flower garden near Palada bus stop and the various educational institutions (these include the CSI College of Engineering, the Laidlaw Memorial School/ Georges Home and the CSI Middle School).

The Valley

The valley is the last major valley en route to Ooty along the Ooty-Coonoor highway. It is very scenic and sports a variety of flora. However, due to the extensive development of the valley in the recent years, the fauna present here has dwindled to a select few. There have been sightings of boars, highly rare instances of tigers and elephants, though.


The people present here are mostly Badaga with certain immigrants from other parts of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka. The chief language spoken here is Badaga, although many people understand Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada. Religion practised here is mostly hinduism. However, strong influences remain of the christian missionaries who lived here during the early 1900s. Religious influences though, however strong, do not hinder the relationships fostered between the members of different backgrounds. People generally get along well with one another. To put it simply, it is a rustic society, steeped in tradition and ancient times. Development and modernization is a far cry for this valley, much like most of rural India.


Ketti is accessible by rail or road. The toy train (an extension of the Chennai-Coimbatore Nilagiri Express, recently declared as a national heritage) can be taken from the Mettupalayam station (at the foothills of the Nilgiris) to the Ketti railway station. This is a long, yet scenic journey. To reach Ketti by bus, one just has to board a bus from Mettupalayam to Ooty and alight at the ‘Ketti’ stop past Coonoor.

An alternative to this is to alight from the bus at ‘Yellanahalli’ on the Coonoor-Ooty National highway and then to catch one of the local mini-buses which ply down into the valley. Incidentally, the train journey from Mettupalayam takes about four hours, while the bus journey takes just three hours. However, people on vacation generally prefer to take the train for the experience alone.


Ketti has its own police station, probably the only one in the entire Ketti valley. It services all the towns, villages and hattis in the entire valley. The nearby town of Santhoor(located at the lowest point in the valley) has a post office. The State Bank of India operates a Ketti valley branch, which is situated near the CSI College of Engineering. Public pay phones abound in this region, due to the requirement of the students of the neighboring institutions, most of whom are hostellers. A number of private mini-bus services ply through the various settlements in the valley, giving access to otherwise inaccessible regions. The entire region is almost completely devoid of internet connectivity, save the institutions and few home connections.

There is a government Hospital is located near the CSI College of Engineering. Railway station is located in the entry of Ketti town.

Local International Schools:

The Lawrence School, Lovedale is the nearest International School near Ketti Valley

The Lawrence School, Lovedale (near Ootacamund ), Tamil Nadu, is named after Sir Henry Montgomery Lawrence. Lawrence had mooted the idea about the establishment of a chain of schools with a view to provide education to the children of the deceased and serving soldiers and officers of the British army

Plots for Sale

The Campus
The Lawrence School, Lovedale, has a sprawling campus of 750 acres (3 km²). Lovedale, six kilometers (3.7 miles) from Ootacamund, is located at a height of 7200 feet over sea level, slightly lower than the Dodabetta peak (altitude: 8000 feet), the highest peak of the mountain ranges of the Niligiris. The school campus is divided into prep school, junior school and senior school based on the classes.

Prep school – Class 4 to Class 6
Junior School – Class 7 & Class 8
Senior School – Class 9 to Class 12

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Real Estate Scenario In India

By Martinez Collins

The development of real estate in India is estimated to be around US$ 15 billion and it is growing at a rate of 30 per cent every year. Almost 90 per cent of real estate developed is residential space and the rest include office, hotels shopping malls and hospitals. This kind of double-digit growth is primarily attributed to the off-shoring and outsourcing businesses, such as high-end technology consultation, call centers and programming houses which in 2004 are estimated to have accounted for 12 million square feet of real estate development.

The demand from the information technology sector certainly has changed the urban landscape in India. According to estimation in India, there is a demand for nearly 70 million square feet of IT & ITES space over the next four and five years. Several multinational companies continue to move their organizational operations to India to take advantage of lower manpower and other costs. Providing human resources and home at their work place assume great significance and therefore the requirement to create space for people to live and work that in turn cause the development of other related infrastructure. It has been a predominant trend to set up the world’s best business centers, often campus-style establishments, bearing a distinguishing corporate stamp. Some of these locations are so distinctive that they are termed as the “temples of new or modern India”. It is just an indication of the extent that the development of real estate taking place.

Another case in point is Gurgaon, one of the national capital regions of India, which has seen a fundamental change in not just its skyline but also in its fundamental urban demographics. Gurgaon, a few years ago, was described as just a small town built on a cow pasture. But in the past seven and eight years, it has witnessed 20 malls with many more under construction and has a skyline of shining new office buildings and call centers. Gurgaon is considered a shopper’s paradise and the malls are similar versions of their US counterparts: five story big bazaars which house almost every international brand like McDonalds, Levis, Nokia, Nike and Tommy Hilfiger along with multiplex cinemas, escalators and large parking lots. The arrival of call center industry, information technology houses and other such BPOs in India has led to an inflow of more than 900,000 new jobs. Outsourcing business has changed the real face of commercial real estate in India, but its greater impact has been the demographic shift characterized by rising disposable incomes and increased consumerism.

The real estate market in India remains unorganized, fairly fragmented, mostly characterized by small players with a local presence. Traditionally, real estate developers were viewed with an element of skeptical attitude. Developers were often identified with dealing with large amounts of unaccounted money, lacking transparency and would use unscrupulous means to acquire a variety of regulatory approvals.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Martinez_Collins

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